I've never booked a voice before!

Essentially I can provide the voice you need for whatever type of project you have! From Explainer Video to E-Learning, Advertising Ad to App, Promotional Video to Phone message.
With years of experience as a British Female Voiceover, working from my purpose-built garden studio I deliver my services worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you are, there’s always a simple way for us to work together.

So, usually we start with an email or phone call and chat about your project. You send me a final script with any further details. I work out a fee and check that out with you before going ahead. I can do a short sample first if you like – and that bit’s free!

On your green light, and once we’ve sorted out style, pace, pronunciations and so on, I get you booked in. I self-direct, record and edit for you as agreed and then transfer the file across to you to have a listen.

You get a broadcast quality file minus my bloopers. Need any fixes, well, don’t worry they’re included. If we do get to a point where you’re asking for more than a minor fix I’ll let you know if I need an additional fee.

I book voices for a living...

Firstly thanks for popping by!

I’m guessing as you book voices for breakfast you’re here to perhaps add another voice to your roster or find a voice for your latest clients’ project?

 So I thought you might just want to skip the bit about how it all works and simply have a nose at my demos.

If you think I can help, then give me a shout in whichever way suits, I‘d love to hear from you!


How fast can I have the recording?

Well, subject to other bookings, I can usually turn a recording around within 24hrs. Obviously a longer project may not be as quick, but you know that right?! If you let me know the urgency I’ll see what I can do to juggle things accordingly! I’m quite used to ‘yesterday’ being the deadline so tell me what you’re up against and I’ll always be honest about what I can do to help.

What format can you provide the audio in?

Hopefully we will have discussed this before I start but once your audio is ready, I can get it to you in whichever way you prefer. A file transfer site such as WeTransfer works well for example or a shared access site.Just let me know if you have a preference.

How much will it cost?

As I’m sure you’ll know, rates vary depending on the job! How long it is and how it will be used are just a couple of things taken into account. So it’s best to provide me with as much detail as you can about your project and I’ll do you a quote. Use the Contact Form to send details or e-mail me!

How do I pay?

Most often I won’t bill you until the job is done and you’ve happily signed it off. And I would have already discussed with you your preferred route to pay me. I accept payment by all the usual methods and for international clients a bank transfer or Paypal is fine.