As we wrestle in our household with our daughter’s introduction to secondary school, and all the delights that brings, I’m reminded of that haunting phrase ‘comparison is the death of joy!’. Only our third week in and we’re already amidst the social pressure to conform! To perform, look like, achieve, enjoy, own……insert whatever word works for you after those – but then add the ending…’what others suggest you should’ as opposed to ‘whatever you’d like or prefer’!

Now I’m no social comparison theorist but what I have learned and applied to my own line of work is to have the strength not to do it. Does it really help you feel better when you compare yourself, does it motivate you, or move you closer to achieving your own goals? For me, the answer to those questions is no it doesn’t, and it’s precious time I don’t have – wasted! And are you actually comparing yourself to inaccurate information? Let’s face it – we all know what people present to the outside world is very often an edited version of what’s really going on!

In line with this I very much enjoyed a voiceover networking event at the weekend – ‘Escape the Booth’ – put on by the fabulous Guy Michaels (Voiceoverkickstart) . A few hours of catching up with others in the industry and taking some time to chat with some new faces just starting out. Topped off with some wise words (as always) from Guy who gave a talk on sustaining a voiceover career. No comparisons, no agendas, no tallying of gigs – just a great sharing of experiences. Thank you Guy for providing the platform for that.

So, on that note I’ll finish by saying enjoy what you enjoy, put in the time and effort that you are able to, and go forth and achieve the goals you have set yourself. Oh, and leave others’ achievements out of the equation!

And of course do give me a shout if you want to chat about anything voiceovery!