Way back in 2016 I wrote a blog called ‘The Wheel of Death’! It was all about a family trip to the circus (wouldn’t we love that right now?) and surprisingly how it had me drawing comparisons to value for money in the voiceover industry. It came to mind again recently as I joined the masses who have attempted to cut hair! Thankfully the result for our household is my husband, who is amongst those still going to work, is happy to do so without a bag on his head! But it did remind me of points I considered in the circus blog of old. 

I recall us being absolutely wowed by the awesome acts at the circus all those years ago. When it finished there was a real buzz of chatter about everyone’s favourite and how we felt we’d truly got great value for money. And therein sowed the seed for the original Blog! 

I was happy to admit at the time that when we booked the circus tickets, even with the customary 50% off voucher, it felt like a slightly pricey purchase for a family night out. But, we’d not been before, it was the Easter holidays, others had recommended it, we deserved a treat – ya de ya dah. 

This same scenario plays out every day in most professions I guess and the voiceover industry (and indeed hairdressing) is no different. As I grappled clumsily with the extremely sharp scissors, a comb and a water sprayer it reminded me of how difficult it is for us creatives to convince potential clients of our worth, to book you rather than the less experienced and likely cheaper alternative.

At the circus I recall the equipment used in all of the acts were visibly substantial – to ensure the artists could safely and seamlessly put on their spectacle. Maria has swanky scissors, clippers, hair washing and drying facilities and the sweetest smelling shampoo; professional equipment that is, and of course know how best to use it!

Both the circus team and Maria speedily, effortlessly and skilfully assemble and use their equipment. Everything planned and choreographed for maximum effect. Not forgetting all the added frills (the aforementioned sweet smelling shampoo) to add the icing on the already delicious cake.

And although most of the circus acts, and indeed Maria’s handiwork, you totally appreciate you could never do yourself, every now and then there’s something that’s made to look seemingly simple BUT if you tried it at home you’d find impossible!  Or you would most certainly not end up (as I learned at the weekend) with quite the same result. 

Some hidden secret? No – just hours of continued training, coaching, endless practice and the right application required to pull this off. It’s just jumping through a hoop isn’t it? It’s just a haircut. Voiceovers is just talking right?

So I wanted this to serve as a reminder really, that in the voiceover industry, there’s an awful lot more that sits behind us simply ‘talking into the mic’. Just like the circus and our hairdressers it’s part of our job to make the process look and feel simple. That takes the right training (and continued coaching), years of experience and of course the right equipment to do a quality job. So entirely reasonable to have a price to match.

We can’t wait until we can return to Maria’s trusty scissors. And a trip to the circus? Well – that can be added to our list of “things we’d love to do when this is all over!”.

In the meantime I’m available, in my home studio, for whatever your voicing needs may be so please do get in touch if you are still managing to work and may have a suitable project. Or if you simply want to connect on social media perhaps, then you’ll find me mostly on Twitter or Instagram.

And for any voiceover peeps reading this…whatever stage in your voiceover career I hope this has served as a useful reminder to remember your worth – as it’s not just talking – we know that right?!

Stay safe and well.