…take advantage of your situation – it’s not taking advantage of the situation.

It goes without saying that it’s such a challenging time for the whole world right now. If we could save a life every time we read or heard the word ‘unprecedented’ then we’d be going some way to tackling the rapidly growing numbers unfolding daily. So it’s no surprise that we’re witnessing the usual plethora of social media posts; some aimed to help, inform, bring a smile, support and encourage then the usual mix of those aimed to shock, shame and ridicule.

Amongst which there’s a mixture of views about individuals highlighting their availability to work – voiceover artists are one example publicising that thankfully they are well and, as it happens, able to record if needed in their fully equipped home studios/set -ups. Business as usual, should the work come our way, or, an offer of being able to contribute to the crisis. Public service announcements, updated company phone messages, medical narration for example.

This has been met with some harsh criticism – undeservedly so I just wanted to say.

It’s simply taking advantage of their not the situation as I see it. As mostly self-employed individuals the industry (like many others) is likely to be hit hard, with differing Government support worldwide. But the promotional messages I’ve seen have been subtle, well-intended and often highlighting they will work for free (if in support of the crisis itself).

So please, take the marketing messages (if you want to call them that) as I believe they are intended. And that is the offer to whoever may wish to take us up on it to make the best use, under the current circumstances, of a significant number of talented and home-studio-ready voiceover artists. For free or otherwise.

Thankfully I am still well, and yes I am fully equipped to work from my home studio. So I say unashamedly do get in touch if there is anything I can record to support the current crisis.