… when many businesses take the opportunity to think about how they thank their staff teams for getting them through the year, making the company what it is and all that jazz…and wishing them a very Merry Christmas!

And thankfully for me (and other Voiceover peeps) that’s sometimes done with a heartfelt video with a voiceover; reflecting on their achievements and looking ahead to what hopefully will be a better 2021.

They’ve been trickling in to be ‘voiced’ and I love doing them!

This year they do feel a bit different……..just a subtle change but a noticeable one. 

Dare I say a little more sincere?

That’s not to suggest that previous years’ messages weren’t sincere; but I guess after the year we’ve had, companies have thought particularly hard about the message they want to share and how they might be that little bit more thankful for the efforts made to survive 2020. And that extra bit of encouragement for 2021. And goodness, people need that hope for next year don’t they?

So, thank you to those that have entrusted me with your videos to date, I hope I’ve done your message proud.

And if you’ve been thinking about doing it, but haven’t quite got round to it yet…I’m sure there’s still time!

Give me a shout and I can put you in touch with any of the talented marketing and/or video production companies I’ve worked with. 

And of course, I’m always happy to help with the voicing bit whether that be me or to recommend another professional voiceover more suited to your brand.

We’re well and truly on the countdown now aren’t we?

But this still time….if you need it!

(Audio Version Below)