Covid silver linings…we have to find some don’t we? Silver linings that is! And I’ve found that there have been a few during the pandemic, and one in particular I thought worth sharing.

Amidst the constant reminders to physically distance ourselves from everyone and anyone, have you found, as a business, you’ve actually been more ‘connected’ to clients during the last 6 months?

It’s been the most challenging of times for many businesses and the creative industry in particular has been significantly affected. I feel incredibly grateful that my voiceover work continued throughout the pandemic, with only a slight variation on the type of work I did (less promo and commercial work and more medical and e-learning basically).

What I experienced though, through the contact I had with clients (old and new), was a sense of solidarity – coupled with a new openness to talk and share experiences. 

I’ve always made every attempt to get to know who I’m working with and equally happy to share what’s going on in my world when felt appropriate; it’s a big part of how I work. But the last 6 months have felt different. I’ve learned about people’s families, their pets, their fears, hobbies and talents, had difficult discussions about the impact on their business, the immediate and distant future and what it might bring. 

I’ve listened, I’ve talked, I’ve helped if I could. And in return people have taken the time to ask about my situation and offered a sympathetic ear to the local situation here in Leicester.

So, having had the chance to reflect in this last few days (now the kids are back at school!), I wanted to say ‘Thank you’.

Thank you to all those who have chatted with me about what’s going on in your lives, thank you for trusting me with some personal details, for lifting my spirits with the fun shares and thank you for your continued support that has helped me through the 6 months of Covid madness.

Adapting together is the key to moving forward there’s no doubt about that so let’s do it – whatever the new normal everyone’s talking about looks like!

Anyone else with a silver lining to share? It’s great to hear them amongst the doom and gloom don’t you think?



And to finish off – I finally got round to recording a blog as an alternative way of checking in.

Let me know if you think that’s a useful addition/alternative!