Wait – what? You don’t want my voice? But you’ve always had my voice!

It doesn’t suit your new project? Really? Are you sure?

I’m kidding of course – this is something you’d never hear me say!

When a client’s reaching out to you for some recommendations the last thing they want to hear is a bunch of questions about why you might not be suitable.

There’s a tonne of work out there and a tonne of reasons why my voice might not be suited to a particular project, but, thankfully I have a number of trusted peers and sources to be able to recommend clients to.

One in particular I wanted to share with you today is a relatively new platform called voiceoverprofiles.com developed and managed by Guy Michaels.

Not one to follow the crowds Guy is bucking some trends with Voiceoverprofiles and I love it. 

Firstly, its all about the voices! 

You’re not presented with a sea of model-like headshots when you look at voice profiles on the site (as presumably it’s not a model that you’re interested in).

Secondly – the first thing you’ll hear is a natural sample of each voice, from their studio, rather than a professionally produced demo. You can of course go on to listen to examples of their work. I’ve heard it a number of times from clients who’ve booked someone based on their demo but sadly they weren’t able to match the same quality audio when booked for a job.

And thirdly – let’s talk about that audio. Unlike many other voiceover platforms out there every voice on Voiceoverprofiles has gone through a stringent procedure to ensure they can produce (consistently) the high quality audio you expect. And – guess what? This is followed up by Guy to make sure it’s maintained. Unheard of on other sites that bit! After all – it’s his name too on the line if people don’t maintain the standards he originally approved them on.

There’s some other stuff that’s pretty different to how other voiceover sites work too – it pretty much focuses on your project needs and finding the right selection of voices to consider. So I’d highlight recommend you go and check it out.

So – all of that said – those of us who have ‘cut the mustard’ as they say are more than happy to recommend and promote the site as a source of quality voiceover talent. We’re going to spend some time this year in particular highlighting the fantastic range of voices.

So this was a heads up really to be on the look out for those posts!

And as always just give me a shout if you want to chat about any project you think I may be able to help you with (take a peep at some of my work) or for me to refer you on to a more appropriate voice talent.



(Audio Version below)