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……is not a shortcut!

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

But here I am – back on it with a new blog! And there’s no better way than to jump on one of my aims in 2022, which is to get better at sharing the great work of others that I so often benefit from!

And first up, I want to highlight to any voiceover peeps out there considering some commercial coaching – the awesomeness and generosity of Nancy Wolfson.

I’m happy to share with you (to help illustrate a point) that despite working with Nancy for a good couple of years now – a lesson doesn’t always go to plan! 

And my December lesson was a case in point.

Nancy’s coursework and scripts are testament to the continual thought she’s putting in to keeping her VO talent current. Chapters that were developed many moons ago are updated when she spots another great script – perfect for that lesson – or she’s simply trying to tidy them up.

So when she suggested going back to an earlier chapter to see how my new found tricks could now be applied, she sent me an updated version.

Oo I’ll be super clever I thought. Save the planet a little whilst I’m at it. So merrily worked out where the new scripts were, dutifully copied, pasted and printed only those and added them to the originals I had.

Genius you may think (I thought so at the time!).

Until my lesson:-

Nancy: Grab the copy that says……

Me: Er…I don’t have one that says….

Nancy: It’ll have a yellow number 6 at the bottom

Me: I don’t have yellow numbers at the bottom

Nancy: Yea you will, you printed the current chapter I sent right?!

Me: (Head in hands!).

You get the picture. My ‘genius’ copy and pasting had not only totally missed off some key instructions at the top (not part of the script) but also disregarded Nancy’s page numbering tidy up.

We soldiered on but it made a total mess of what could have been a much more efficient and effective lesson. Totally my error.

But in short – the point of my story is: commercial coaching with Nancy is SO much more than getting your delivery nailed. To book a job, you need to read the small print so to speak, get your house in order as well as the delivery to even be considered. When you’ve booked the job, you need to read the small print…..have your house in order….then nail it on the day!

Lessons with Nancy – totally support this. And of course getting it wrong every now and then is a lesson in itself isn’t it?! Needless to say I’ve addressed my error ready for the next lesson!

And aside from the gems of lessons themselves, another takeaway from this post is Nancy’s endless commitment to each of her students. Keeping us current and on our tippy toes. Our growth is her growth, our success is hers too and she totally shares the joy of our wins when we book a job through applying her techniques.

So, If you’re interested in looking at what Nancy has to offer have a look at

Or find her on the usual socials @NancyWolfson.

You won’t regret it, trust me – to use Nancy’s mantra: It’s Coaching that pays for itself!

(Audio Version below)