Believe it or not my phone rang, not just once, but twice yesterday! And even more unbelievable – neither call was to tell me I’d had a momentary lapse of memory and had been in a car accident! One was a client of old and the other a potential new client. What a delight that they picked up the phone! But what a shame that nowadays this is met with such surprise. But the sad fact of daily life, business or otherwise, is that when we’re presented with numerous alternatives, actually calling someone is often way down the list.

And yet we all know that these new-media approaches just don’t have the same touch that’s needed in this increasingly impersonal world!

A call creates a connection that we know other media lacks. And if the person’s available we get an immediate personal response, an immediate exchange of all the information needed and potentially the icing on the cake….an immediate decision. And as voiceover artists we’re all too aware of what hearing an actual voice can add; intended dimension and emotion to make sure all is understood as intended. Not forgetting body language too – we all know you can hear a smile right?

So, thank you to my callers yesterday it was very much appreciated. And a further thanks as they served as a tidy reminder to keep picking up the phone whenever I can. Oh and a prompt to write about it too!

Why not try it? Pick up the phone and call someone you’ve been meaning to for ages. Go on, you’ll feel better for it you’ll see!